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7 Reasons People Prefer Independent Senior Living to Homeownership

There’s a lot to consider as you enter your retirement years. Some people decide to get a part-time job for a little extra income to supplement their savings. Some decide they’re ready to begin traveling. Others decide it’s time to move to a new home.

Moving is one of the most common decisions retirees make. You might love your home, but the kids are all grown and it’s just not the same. The house might be too big for what you need and the maintenance and upkeep responsibilities are probably cutting into what you really want to do – enjoy your retirement.

Making the decision to leave your family home might not be easy, but rightsizing by moving to an independent living community can make life easier. Here are seven reasons why many people prefer independent senior living to homeownership.

1. No Maintenance Stress

You love your home, but it’s a lot of work. Along with keeping the inside clean, you need to keep up with home maintenance and repairs. Cleaning the gutters, repairing your roof or siding and replacing appliances is not only hard work, it’s expensive and can take its toll on your savings.

Of course, the house itself isn’t your only responsibility as a homeowner. You may also have yard maintenance to worry about. The grass needs to be mowed and the garden tended in the spring and summer months, which means spending a significant amount of time out in the sun. In winter, you need to worry about keeping the driveway shoveled and ice free in Virginia’s surprise storms. It’s not only cold out, but there’s also the risk of slipping and falling.

Virginia retirement communities like Aspire at Belmont Bay take care of the maintenance for you, leaving you with very little to worry about. All maintenance and repairs are handled for you, as are landscaping and snow removal. You can relax and enjoy the freedom of living in your own place without all the stress that comes with homeownership.

2. Stay Fit and Healthy

Staying physically fit and healthy is important at any age. While you could get a gym membership, not everyone wants to spend the extra money or wants to drive far to get to one. Sometimes, the closest gyms may not offer the fitness classes you enjoy most.

Many independent living communities offer physical fitness classes. From strength and resistance training to yoga, Tai Chi and Zumba, there are so many ways to stay in shape, keeping your body and mind healthy. For example, Aspire ascribes to the Salus™ wellness philosophy, which ensures all your wellness needs are met, including physical, social, spiritual and intellectual needs.

To make sure you have the options that fit your lifestyle, we also offer a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor swimming pool, walking trails and an expansive outdoor space to help you meet all of your physical fitness goals.

3. Opportunities to Meet New People

Following retirement, you may find that you don’t interact with people as often as you used to when you worked. Family and friends may be moving away, and you may find it more difficult to find people your age who share similar interests. Staying connected with others and spending time with friends is essential for your mental and emotional health. Socially active people are healthier, happier and live longer.

As one of the premier Northern Virginia retirement communities, Aspire provides opportunities for you to meet new people who are at the same place in their lives and have similar interests. You can enjoy your favorite activities by partaking in one of our many programs or events, or connect with your neighbors and make new and lasting friendships with others who share your interests.

4. Develop Skills and Find New Interests

Have you ever wanted to expand and develop your current skills, or perhaps learn something new but never had the chance? Retirement is the perfect opportunity to do so. Staying in your current home, however, you may find it hard to develop your skills or learn new things on your own.

Independent living communities help you get the most out of life. In addition to providing you with opportunities to nurture your current interests, they also provide plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and find new interests. Many communities, including Aspire at Belmont Bay, offer a wide array of engaging activities that you can partake in, no matter what your skill level. There are educational and spiritual programs, giving you the chance to learn something new or expand upon what you already know. You may even discover a talent you never knew you had!

5. Discover New Places

When most people think about independent living communities, they tend to think of people being in an enclosed space. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Senior living isn’t just the community itself. It’s also about exploring outside of the community and discovering new places. At Aspire at Belmont Bay, we offer plenty to do within the local Woodbridge, Virgina community, but we also encourage residents to explore what the rest of Northern Virginia has to offer. Using scheduled transportation, you have access to numerous restaurants, craft breweries, museums, shopping and entertainment. Popular area attractions include:

  • Occoquan Historic District
  • Potomac Mills
  • Tyson’s Corner
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • Rippon Lodge

No matter what you’re interested in and the types of places you enjoy, we can help you find a new place you love that’s close by.

6. A Safer Environment

A big draw to independent living communities is how safe they are. Retirement communities provide 24/7 security, which greatly reduces the risk of break-ins and theft. Whether you’re at home, off for the weekend visiting with your family or going on vacation for a week, you can rest easy knowing that you and all of your belongings are safe.

Many independent living apartments also have emergency response systems in case there’s an immediate need inside your home. If you have an emergency, you can get the help you need quickly.

7. Simplify Your Finances

Homeownership doesn’t just require a lot of time and effort. You also have a lot of expenses to deal with. While your mortgage might be paid off, you still have property taxes, utilities, maintenance and repair costs and more. All of these expenses can quickly add up.

Independent living can help you to simplify your finances. Instead of having to deal with the many costs of homeownership, communities lump multiple bills together, including housing, dining, amenities and services so you have much less to worry about. Communities take care of maintenance and repairs, basic cable and all utilities except for phone service. Simplifying your finances makes your life easier and gives you more time to enjoy your retirement.

Discover the Benefits of Independent Living

Your retirement is your time to enjoy your life. At Aspire at Belmont Bay, every day offers you a new opportunity to enjoy new activities, spend time with friends and make new memories, all without the hassles of homeownership. For more information about Aspire at Belmont Bay, contact us today!

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