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Retirement Homes for Rent:
A Guide to Virginia’s 55+ Apartments

Today’s active 55+ population is driving a hot retirement rental market throughout Virginia. No longer content to settle for the subdued, cookie-cutter options popular in years past, seniors today seek out homes that reflect and enhance their retirement goals.

The Virginia retirement community market has responded emphatically. You’ll find retirement homes for rent that match your retirement lifestyle, from seaside apartments with expansive ocean views to modern lofts within walking distance to the bustle of major metropolitan areas.

It’s no wonder that choosing where to set down retirement roots has become a challenge – there are so many options available. This guide can help steer you in the right direction. We’ll start with one of the most important considerations there is: retirement community pricing.

What Goes into Retirement Rental Pricing?

You won’t be surprised to find that larger Virginia apartments are pricier than smaller options. Factors like location, views and amenities come in to play, too. A small apartment in the middle of a desirable city like Alexandria might cost as much as an expansive rental in a smaller mountain valley town. Average regional pricing is a crucial consideration for retirees who want to stick to a more modest budget.

However, it’s entirely possible to find beautiful, spacious 55+ apartments in great locations. For example, Aspire at Belmont Bay offers a luxury Woodbridge retirement community just a short drive from Alexandria – all at an affordable price. That means finding what you need is just a matter of looking in the right area and understanding what goes into the typical apartment price.

The Finer Points: Size, Amenities and Community Benefits

Aside from location, retirement community pricing depends on the size of the apartment you’re renting as well as the amenities and services you’ll have access to.

At a minimum, your new community should offer essential services like snow removal, 24-hour emergency maintenance and parking.

However, retirement communities tend to offer more community perks than general-population apartment communities. Common amenities include transportation to nearby shopping and attractions, organized community events, swimming pools and gyms, walking paths and park-like spaces and opportunities for learning new skills and knowledge. Depending on how much time you plan to spend at home, you may or may not want to pay extra for these amenities. If you don’t want to pay extra, look for a community that offers all-inclusive pricing, so you’re not surprised by unexpected fees.

In general, rent prices reflect the number of amenities and perks. Still, 55+ apartments are often more affordable than communities without age restrictions, including those that offer many attractive perks.

What Kind of Support Does the Community Offer?

Retirement rentals are often based on the support they offer, such as independent living, assisted living or memory care. Determining what type of support you need will greatly influence the type of retirement community you decide to move into.

Most adults need more support as they get older, but few need additional support immediately when they retire. Instead, most people prefer independent living type communities. Independent living communities are for active, healthy people that can care for themselves. Instead of providing health support, they focus on enhancing your lifestyle with additional amenities and services that make retirement more enjoyable.

You’ll also come across the term “retirement living” communities, which offer very similar environments to independent living. These are great communities to join when you’re at or near retirement and want to enjoy your time out of work. Later in your retirement, you can consider moving to a community with more support if needed.

Where in Virginia Do You See Yourself Living?

The rich Virginian landscape offers something for everyone. Selecting a geographic region will add clarity as you weigh your options. You can retire deep in a mountain valley, set up beachside, head for the tranquility and wide-open spaces of Virginia’s vast rural expanses, or go where the action is in one of Virginia’s large cities.

The state can be categorized into five major physical regions, each offering a unique lifestyle and opportunities for recreation. Two of the most popular regions in Virginia include the Piedmont and Coastal Plain areas.


“Piedmont” translates from French to “foot of the mountains.” The American Piedmont region is extensive, stretching from Pennsylvania to Alabama. The Virginia Piedmont region lies alongside the Coastal Plain region. Along Piedmont’s Fall Line region sits several major metropolitan areas, including Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Richmond and Petersburg. The Northern Virginia area is within driving distance of Washington, D.C.

Coastal Plains (Tidewater)

The low-lying Coastal Plains, or Tidewater, region includes portions of the iconic Chesapeake Bay. This southeastern Virginia seaside region has been integral to Virginia throughout its history, from its Colonial heritage to its popularity among tourists today. Other notable Coastal Plain communities include Norfolk, Newport News and historic Williamsburg.

Belmont Bay: The Best of the Piedmont and Coastal Plains Areas

You don’t need to choose between the big cities of Virginia’s Piedmont region and the beautiful Coastal Plains area. Straddling both areas, Belmont Bay is one of the more beautiful areas in Virginia.

Located on the Potomac River, less than an hour’s drive from Alexandria, the Belmont Bay area has all the benefits of being near the water as well as some of the most exciting attractions in Virginia. Many retirees choose this area to live because it gives them the most options for how to enjoy their retirement.

Still Undecided?

If you still aren’t quite sure where you’d like to be as you plan for the next phase of your life, it’s understandable. This is a big decision! Spend some time exploring potential retirement communities online and take a drive to check out the surrounding area. You may find that the best place is the one that just feels right in person.

As you weigh your options, consider the warm, active Aspire at Belmont Bay community, conveniently located in thriving Northern Virginia. As a new community, we’re one of the most modern, comfortable and affordable options in the area. You can explore our retirement living floor plans or browse our photo gallery to see what your retirement could look like at Aspire.

Contact us for more information on our rentals and how we can help you find the right option for your lifestyle.


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